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Long distance is just a number yet every moment of situations are short. So, let the short and strange moments to cover the distance between you & you.... ARS

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This is where I lure your attention because we are Homo sapiens's, and we LOVE THINGS... 🙂 Just Kidding - It's my gear

Camping Places in india

"Camping is "FUN" especially in rural hill stations of India and cultural India. People are real help. The places of my expedition in India taught me so much about how lucky I am to have a beautiful caring India as a family. Camping unites people of different cultures and languages to exchange "FUN". 🙂

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I know, I can imagine how boring it is to read a whole content page for an astonishingly superfast observer like you so "Story in Images" can help you solve and save your valuable time yet FUN :).

The magic of hiking

What can I say about the flavor of a mountain presence within my space of vision. It helps a lot to restore memories and create moments of my conscious. My presence within the mountain range of the Himalayas be like "now I know how freezing small thing I am here writing a post" Blissful Mountains needed to be hiked to see what they might see ;)))).

ARS Pokkuluri

ARS Pokkuluri

Hi there welcome to my travel blog, updates are in progress please stay connected.

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